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I define myself as a sculptor

“ I like to feel the soul of an object when it is made with grace and meaning.

I like to keep the work simple and elegant.

Clay gives powerful energy and offers an infinity of possibilities;

I often let the material guide my inspiration, exploring its limits”.

My work is nourished by the combination of modern aesthetics with textures, structures, patterns and shapes, inspired by organic elements of nature. While I uses a wide scope of exploration, I mostly fond of working with porcelain; the white colour palette enables to focus more on texture and surface, and calls attention to the brilliance of the clay as well as its soft, smooth substance.



I am a French Designer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale superieure des Arts Appliqués (Paris) in Product and Industrial Design.

My experience, first as an Artistic Director in several creative agencies, then as a versatile free-lance Designer, have allowed me to express my creativity through numerous exciting projects. I had the opportunity to explore prestigious universes, working for prominent brands, produced concepts according to briefings for various commodities like jewellry, Gifts, fashion accessories, luxury packaging, beauty promotions, drinks promotions, home furniture and accessories ...

Moving to Hong Kong with my family in 2005, I took advantage of crucial encounters, and training in the fundamental bases with a Chinese ceramist master. 




Beyond fashion and trends, my taste for refinement and modernity, for balance, and for the sensuality of everyday objects and lifestyle, has been a common thread in my research of aesthetics. My inspiration was fed by many travels, which have left a deep impression into my feelings and the subtlety of which i seeks to translate.


Motivated by the desire to be physically closer to the materials and the handmade process, the love of working clay for all those years has naturally led me to devote myself almost exclusively to ceramic creations, using my experience as a Designer to develop some special projects for industrial production or specific orders from restaurant chefs, architects, interiors designers or consumers emotionally attracted to the spirit of ceramic creations .



Proud of my French origins and culture, and grateful to Asia for bringing me this open-minding related to my life in Hong Kong, and  then Vietnam,  today I feel myself like an international citizen, living and working between France and Asia.


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